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This test is based on Florence Littauer's book Personality plus. She writes about the four dominant types of personalities: sanguine, choleric, melancholy, and phlegmatic. Each personality type has its own distinctive strengths and weaknesses. The four temperaments were originally proposed by Hippocrates (the father of medical science) 350 years B.C

Your are a mix of the four basic personality types with one that being dominant, all have pros and cons and learning about the temperaments will help you understand others and your personality in a much better way. The person who will have the perfect blend of these principles will be a great achiever.


If you’re not willing to bet on yourself, then who else will?- John C. Maxwell

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Give yourself a better start and understanding, take the test and download Your Personality Tools after taking the test!

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You get two pdf files, the first one presents your results in three different bar charts, Your Strengths, Your Weaknesses and Your Strengths and Weakness combined. The second pdf will provide an short explanation and an understanding about the four different personalities.

It will give you a practical tool on how to implant your new knowledge in your private life, your team and in your work.

The key to understanding others lies in understanding yourself, only then we will understand why we react and act the way we do in different situations.